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Contemporary smartphones are ahead of our times with their slim and classy designs. However, the sleekness and glamour comes with the drawback of scratches and stains, and the fact that they could quite literally slip out of your hands. Avalt Skins' beautiful skins are designed keeping in mind that today's users enjoy the weightlessness of the latest smartphones and laptops. Our team of talented professionals has worked tirelessly to bring you designs that suit your own character, while providing your gadgets with an all-round 360-degree protection in style.


At Avalt, we pride ourselves in designing each and every one of our skins with optimum precision. Just look at our photos, they don't lie! Our wide range of smartphone and laptop skins provide you with a firm grip, and scratch and spill protection, while adding absolutely no excess weight. Our natural and flawless finishes are almost paint-like. They fit your devices like a glove, enabling you to keep their original curves and edges. In fact, our skins are often mistaken for custom devices!


We offer a wide range of colors and textures—ranging from carbon fibers, marble, wood, and matte finishes, to leather, titanium and many more—for you to explore on one of the most advanced customizers on the Internet, so you know exactly what you are buying from us. Just spend some time creating the perfect combination of skins that screams you from every side and angle, and you will know exactly what we are talking about!


Our ultimate goal is to offer flawless products with impeccable customer service. Unlike most smartphone and laptop skins' websites that showcase poorly captured photos and imprecisely photoshopped images, our website showcases true product photography so you get exactly what you see. At Avalt, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and when you buy our products, you will notice that there are no hidden taxes or fees, and installation is as easy as 123! Don't take our word for it - Test out one of our skins today and join our community of thousands of happy customers!