Shipping Worldwide Custom Skins For Smartphones, Laptops & Consoles


Hey guys welcome to the installation video for AVALT skins. Today we will be showing you how to apply your favorite skin to your phone. So your skin comes with a microfibre cloth, which you should use to clean your phone properly. Remove any dirt because it will cause bubbles when you're placing the skin.

Your order comes with four types of coverages:

  1. The full back,
  2. The partial back,
  3. The full front &
  4. An optional partial coverage

To begin with, just peel off the skin and place it on the back of the paper. Make sure it aligns perfectly, because it will make the installation a lot easier for you. Now, match the Camera cut-out with the camera and the logo cut-out with the logo.

If you see that it is coming off, just peel the skin off. It should come off very easily and just repeat this process again until it's perfect.

In order to align the skin perfectly, just press firmly on the skin covered to make sure that there are no bubbles.

Once the skin is placed on the phone, use a blow dryer to gently heat up the skin. After doing so, just use both your thumbs and press the skin to make sure that it is applied properly on the phone.